Blog - My New Logo

Blog - My New Logo

I consider myself a lifelong learner. Since I began my first yoga teacher training over 5 years ago, I have attended one training after another, exploring different teachers and styles of yoga.

In 2017, I attended my first training with Alexandria Crow. Alex is a world famous yoga teacher who went from being on the cover of Yoga Journal magazine to being so injured she couldn’t practice physical yoga. Her story intrigued me because I was beginning to feel some negative effects from my physical yoga practice.

Vegan Recipes - Elicia's Taco Mix!

I’ve had a lot of students ask me what I eat as a vegan, so I’ve decided to share some recipes with you in 2019!

I always say, anything you can make, I can make vegan!!!
Many people believe vegan cooking is complicated, confusing, and time-consuming. I like to show people the delicious and easy-to-make food that I eat as a vegan. And don’t worry, you’ll get enough protein.