About Elicia

Past, Present, and Future...

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My Past - I didn’t play sports in high school, although I was on the golf team. It was during my junior year that I discovered yoga and fell in love. I had finally found a physical activity that I liked! I bought a few DVDs (and VHS!) and began my yoga practice. When I began college the following fall, yoga wasn’t a priority as partying became my new hobby. I spent nearly all of my 20’s going to work and partying on the weekends. I rarely found time to practice yoga these years. I didn’t have self love. I was depressed. I was overweight. I was lost. I felt like I was wasting my life; working every week just to pay to go out on the weekend. I wanted to take my life in a different direction, but I had no idea how or where I wanted to go. Three days before my 30th birthday, I unexpectedly lost my Grandfather. The year prior to his passing, I had been very disconnected from my family and depressed. This loss woke me up and made me realize everything I was missing out on in life. I didn’t want to waste another decade of my life. I came back to my yoga practice and finally began to find my path and myself. Every time I stepped on my yoga mat, I found more peace, calm, and clarity. I knew this was my life path and I wasn’t going back to my old ways.

Being a yoga teacher had been on my mind since 2006 and I finally began to follow that dream in 2014. After 2 years of learning, studying, and teaching, I opened EB Yoga in October of 2016. My intention has been to create a space where students feel comfortable and I want to make beginners feel welcomed and encouraged. I love teaching yoga and I love seeing others find peace, happiness, and strength through this practice. After over 2 and a half years of sharing EBY with the Bay City community, I decided to close my Bay City studio to spend more time with my online studio and community. Learn more about EBY Online Studio HERE.


My cat Ted loves yoga too.

My cat Ted loves yoga too.

My Future  I love being a student of yoga as much as I love being a teacher. I love to study anatomy, read yoga philosophy and history, and learn from teachers who are experts in their areas. I have taken over 700 hours of in-person training, about half with Vinyasa based teachers and half at Kripalu. Kathryn Budig has been one of my biggest inspirations and Alexandria Crow’s anatomy training has forever changed me as a teacher. The 50 days I have spent training at Kripalu so far, have been life changing. Between the amazing teachers, the incredible friends, and the feeling of peace that encompasses everything there, I make sure to visit at least once a year to recharge my soul. After completing a 300 hour training at Kripalu in November 2018, I am now looking forward to taking Alex Crow’s 300 hour training in 2019.

My Present I combine Vinyasa Flow + Kripalu Yoga + my study of anatomy with Alexandria Crow, to create EB Yoga. I teach yoga for the average, inflexible person. I don’t teach poses like putting your leg behind your head or the splits or any other yoga pose that you’ve seen and thought “I could never do that!” I understand the range of motion that most people’s joints can move in, and I try to teach within that average, functional range. I offer lots of modifications and encourage everyone to do what feels good. I teach poses that strengthen your body and help you move better in everyday life. I teach breathwork and meditation techniques that help you relax and de-stress. I want people to feel the benefits of yoga, not feel left out because they couldn’t achieve a fancy pose.