So you hear yoga and meditation are good for you…
You need to move your body…
You should take some time to relax BUT...

A. You don’t have time.
Trying to make it to a studio for a class just doesn’t work for your schedule.

B. Your money matters. You aren’t into spending money for a yoga class, that you aren’t even sure you’ll like.
Do you need to buy a mat? You already bought new yoga pants...twice.

C. You’ve never done yoga. What should you expect? You don’t want to show up to a room full of people who know what they’re doing and be the odd one out. Aflac duck anyone?

D. You aren’t “flexible.” Can you even do yoga? You don’t look like the pictures you see of yoga people on social media and can’t imagine doing the poses they do.

E. All of the Above.

What about online yoga at home?

Not just free YouTube videos,
that leave you confused and saying “I can’t do that!?!”

What about an actual online studio with a teacher that you could reach
out to with your questions, concerns, and even class requests???

EB Yoga Online Studio is exactly what you need.

First of all, EBY is yoga for regular people. Really.
I don’t want to turn you into a pretzel.
I want to help you feel better, physically and mentally.

My online studio is more than just an awesome collection of videos.
If you have a question, I am available to help in a variety of ways :)

  1. Send me an email. I do my best to respond to emails within 2 business days.

  2. Schedule a private video chat with me. We can video chat within the membership site and record our session so that it’s always available within your membership. This will be password protected content only YOU can see.

  3. Join me for monthly LIVE check-ins in the membership site! Let’s get together and discuss the month’s topic and address any Q&As. Recordings of these classes will be available if you can’t make it live.

  4. Join the Members Only Facebook group. You can ask questions, share stories, and connect with other members.

Brand new or Level 2, there’s a class style for you!

Brand new?
Start with Yoga 101.
This is a 5-part series to introduce you to EB Yoga.

Yoga 101 (5).png
Yoga 101 (3).png
Yoga 101 (4).png

Ready to move?
Find Your Flow
Choose from Gentle, Beginner, Vinyasa 1, and Vinyasa 2.

gentle 2.png
r&s Beg.png
vin2 - 2.png

Need to relax?
Try Restorative Yoga (aka Adult Nap Time), Stretch & Relax, Meditation, and Pranayama classes.

Mantra Meditation.png
rnr info classe.png
Pranayama 101.png

Yoga Info For You
Classes about anatomy, props, pose breakdowns,
and everyone’s favorite,
Yoga for Your Core.

Find Your Flow (2).png
whats up w warrior.png

Search by Class Type

Search by Class Type

Search by Class Length

Search by Class Length

Attend Live Classes + Q&A

Attend Live Classes + Q&A

I add new classes every week and love to take requests from members!

Are you ready to try EB Yoga Online Studio?

You can check out the full Member experience FREE for 2 weeks!

Then only $21 /month

You can preview the membership site and browse the class library before you sign up.    Check it out!

You can preview the membership site and browse the class library before you sign up. Check it out!


Still not sure? Want to check out a class?

Here’s one of my favorite Gentle Flow classes, a great way to start your day!


Stop hearing from other people that yoga is good for you.

Try it for yourself and notice the benefits.
Start to feel better physically and mentally,
as you learn to meditate, breathe and flow.
Become one of those people telling everyone
how great you feel, because of yoga.