Are you feeling low energy and unhappy in your body?
Do you need to de-stress and CHILL OUT?

Maybe you’ve heard that yoga and meditation are good for you…

A. Yoga studios are intimidating and you’ve never done yoga.
B. Yoga poses are crazy and you aren’t even “flexible.”

C. Yoga classes are expensive.
D. You don’t have time.

What about online yoga at home?

Not just free YouTube videos,
that leave you confused and saying “I can’t do that!?!”

How about an online studio with a library of classes
and a teacher that you can reach out to with your
questions, concerns, and class requests???

How about monthly live discussions and Q&A with
your yoga teacher and a private FB group
to connect with other community members?

EB Yoga Online Studio is exactly what you need.

EBY is yoga for regular people. Really.
I don’t want to turn you into a pretzel.
I want to help you chill out and
move your body in a way that feels good for YOU.

EB Yoga Online Studio is more than just an awesome collection of videos.
If you have a question, I am available to help in a variety of ways :)

  1. Send me an email. I do my best to respond to emails within 2 business days.

  2. Join me for monthly LIVE check-ins in the membership site! Let’s get together and discuss the month’s topic and also Q&A. Recordings of these classes will be available if you can’t make it live.

  3. Join our Community! Check out the EBY Members Only Facebook group. You can ask questions, share stories, and connect with other members.

  4. Schedule a private video chat with me. We can video chat within the membership site and record our session so that it’s always available within your membership. This will be password protected content only YOU can see.

There’s a variety of class styles. Try one out today!

Yoga 101 is a 5 part series. Check out the first class here!

In Effort & Ease classes, we’ll explore poses in different variations, like on our back, all-fours, standing, and against the wall.

Ready to move? The “Find Your Flow” category has active classes such as Gentle Flow, Beginner Flow, Vinyasa Level 1, and Vinyasa Level 2.

Need to relax? The “Take it Slow” category has slower classes like Restorative Yoga, Stretch & Relax, Meditation, and Pranayama classes.

I add new classes every week
and love to take requests from members!

Are you ready to try EB Yoga Online Studio?

You can check out the online studio FREE for 2 weeks!

Then only $21 /month